HSE & Quality

Quality Assurance

City Diamond Contracting LLC is committed to provide the highest quality services to our customers by:

  • Consistently meet or exceed customer's expectations for Service quality and performance;
  • Timely delivery of services to meet our customers’ requirements;
  • Continuous improvement of our processes, and systems;
  • Ensuring our personnel is properly trained so they are better able to serve our customers.

Health Safety & Enviroment

Our objective and Policy as far as reasonably and practicable we believe in: "Zero injuries” is achievable and it is the product of day to day operations and proper monitoring. Responsibility and commitment to ensure that all employees work in a safe and healthy environment and will definitely comply with all OH&S laws and regulation. Accountability by making sure that each employee and subcontractor are held accountable for the achievement of OH&S objective and targets and those are well communicated. 

We believe strongly that all incidents are preventable and will take every measure to prevent job related injuries & illness. Application and continuous improvement of sound OH&S practices for protection of our people is an essential ingredient in the overall success of our business. Each employee is well informed and trained to perform his job in a productive and safe ways, though proper HSE training/instruction and briefing and with proper supervision throughout their employment.
Furthermore each employee is an important of our OH&S agenda and we expect them to be committed to continuous improvement to achieve the company objectives. CITY Diamond Contracting LLC individually and collectively committed to these principles and expect from everyone to behave in accordance with OH&S system.

Our Clients