Location: JAFZA -Dubai.

CDC has successfully delivered on a Turnkey Basis, Three Campuses for Emerson International.

  • Emerson A –
    - 80,000 square foot G+3 Office space with 30,000 square foot war ehouse space.
    - Precast Cladding on the office Façade.
  • Emerson B
    - 155,000 sq. foot facility with G+2 Office spaces.
    - Combination of 5Ton and 10 Ton Cranes Installed in the facility.
    - VRF Air Conditioned Space Production Area.
  • Emerson C
    - 153,000 square foot Facility with G+1 Office spaces.
    - 30,000 square Foot Mezzanine constructed with offices and small parts storage.
    - VRF Air Conditioned Workshop Space.
    - VNA compliant flooring for the storage area.